Poland vs Portugal


UEFA Euro 2016


June 30th

Stade Vélodrome, Marseille, France


2′ Lewandowski

33′ Sanches


Portugal win 5-3 on penalties.

Ronaldo √

Lewandowski √

Sanches √

Milik √

Moutinho √

Glik √

Nani √

Błaszczykowski ×

Quaresma √

Thanks for joining us.

FT: The result means that Portugal progress into their second consecutive European Championship Semi-final whilst Poland bow out of the competition after reaching the Quarter-finals of the European Championship for the first time in their history. It will be Portugal’s fifth European Championship Semi-final.

FT: Poland didn’t really get going since Portugal’s equaliser but they did create a few half-chances including when Milik met a cross at the near-post but Patricio wasn’t really troubled, as was Fabiański who should have been troubled had Ronaldo taken his chances.

FT: Portugal thoroughly deserve the victory as they’ve dominated possession and have had the better chances and were fortunate not to have gone ahead in normal time with  Ronaldo spurning a number of chances. It could have been curtains for Portugal who conceded so early, but they played well and searched for a leveller.

FT: So Portugal progress into the Semi-finals.

Quaresma fires home despite Fabiański getting a touch.

Patrício palms away Błaszczykowski’s penalty.

Nani sends Fabiański the wrong way. 4-3.

Glik sends Patrício the wrong way. 3-3.

Moutinho sends Fabiański the wrong way. 3-2.

Milik sends Patrício the wrong way to level the scores again. 2-2.

Sanches fires home into the top-corner. 2-1.

Lewandowski sends Patrício the wrong way and levels the scores. 1-1.

Penalties: Ronaldo sends Fabiański the wrong way to put Portugal ahead. 1-0.

ET FT: There weren’t many chances in Extra-Time but Ronaldo had the best chance from an Eliseu cross that he couldn’t control properly, although he should have shot in truth. Join us again as we head to the lottery of a penalty shootout.

ET FT: So still there’s nothing to separate both sides. Portugal once again looked a threat but Poland did well to contain them and threaten on the break themselves.

120’+1′ The referee blows his whistle to bring the game to an end, we’re heading to penalties.

120′ There will be one additional minute.

120′ Chance!! A Kaputska strike is charged down before Piszczek fires harmlessly wide.

114′ Chance!! Kaputska sends in a dangerous cross-come-shot towards goal but the ball goes behind.

112′ The delivery is eventually cleared before Pereira is penalised for a foul on Milik.

111′ Jędrzejczyk concedes a corner.

109′ Delay over, play resumes.

108′ Slight delay in the game as a a pitch invader runs onto the pitch.

107′ Danilo clears the danger before Fonte completes the clearance.

107′ Pepe concedes a corner.

105′ Błaszczykowski fires an audacious effort on the volley harmlessly over the bar.

105′ Poland get the second period of Extra-Time underway.

ET HT: So Ronaldo had another good chance but his touch let him down from Eliseu’s cross. Will there be a winner? Join us again for the second period of Extra-Time.

105′ The referee blows his whistle to bring the first period of Extra-Time.

101′ Chance!! Nani does well to beat his man before firing an effort that Fabiański saves with ease.

100′ Moutinho wins a freekick.

99′ Chance!! Milik receives the ball before firing an effort just off-target.

98′ Nani is penalised for a foul.

98′ Chance!! Soares sends in a dangerous cross into Nani who heads wide just before Ronaldo can make contact on the volley.

97′ Second Poland change sees Mączyński replaced by Tomasz Jodłowiec.

95′ Final Portugal change sees Carvalho replaced by Danilo Pereira.

95′ Eliseu overhits a cross and it goes hramlessly behind for a goalkick.

91′ Chance!! Eliseu sends in a teasing delivery but Ronaldo’s touch lets him down and Poland deal with the threat.

90′ Portugal get the first period of Extra-Time underway.

ET: Neither keeper has really been tested but as Extra-Time proceeds, it may seem that it is only a matter of time as neither side will fancy their chances in the lottery of the penalty-shootout. So will Poland find a goal or will Portugal be the one’s to find it instead?Join us again for the first period of Extra-Time.

ET: Portugal have dominated the possession and have had the better chances with Ronaldo spurning both of them, swinging and missing the ball on two separate occasions. Soares also fired an effort just wide and Jędrzejczyk’s block almost found the back of the net. Poland looked a threat on the break but they didn’t create many chances in the second-half, with Milik’s effort at the near-post, the closest they’ve come.

ET: So there is nothing to separate the two teams after 90 minutes.

90’+3′ The referee brings normal time to an end. We’re heading to Extra-Time.

90’+2′ The delivery is met by Lewandowski but Patrício claims the ball.

90’+1′ Carvalho receives a yellow card for a cynical foul. He’ll subsequently miss the next match.

90′ There will be three additional minutes.

89′ Chance!! Quaresma’s delivery is met by Pepe who heads over but he’s caught offside.

87′ Kaputska receives a yellow card for a foul on Nani.

87′ Moutinho wins a freekick after a foul on Milik.

85′ Chance!! Moutinho wonderfully picks out Ronaldo who’s onside and looks set to bury the effort on the volley but he miscues the ball, again: swinging and missing the ball completely.

83′ A Soares cross is claimed by Fabiański.

81′ First Poland change sees Bartosz Kapustka replace Grosicki.

80′ Quaresma’s delivery is overhit and it goes out for a goalkick.

80′ Close!! A Pepe pass is almost intercepted into his own net by Jędrzejczyk but it goes inches wide.

79′ Second Portugal change sees Mário replaced by Ricardo Quaresma.

78′ Chance!! Fonte meets the corner but his effort is straight at Fabiański who makes the save.

77′ Nani wins a corner.

75′ Ronaldo finds Mário who miscues his attempted volley.

74′ Chance!! Poland break after Nani loses possession and Grosicki fires an effort wide.

73′ First Portugal change sees Silva replaced by João Moutinho.

72′ Soares wins a freekick.

71′ Nani overhits a cross.

69′ Silva receives a yellow card for a foul prior to a move that ended from Poland.

69′ Pepe meets the delivery but his header is claimed by Fabiański.

68′ Glik concedes a corner.

68′ Chance!! Jędrzejczyk finds Milik at the near-post with a cross and the forward meets the delivery with a first-time effort that Patrício instinctively saves before gathering at the second-attempt.

66′ Eliseu is penalised for a foul.

65′ Ronaldo is cynically fouled by Glik who receives a yellow card.

64′ Błaszczykowski wins a freekick.

63′ Close!! Ronaldo finds Soares who unleashes an effort that drifts inches wide of the far-post with Fabiański scrambling.

62′ Pepe wins a freekick after a foul from Krychowiak.

59′ Chance!! Mário finds Nani who pulls the ball back to Ronaldo who fluffs his lines and miscues his effort: swinging and missing the ball completely before Poland clear the danger as Silva’s effort is charged down.

58′ Eliseu wins a freekick, although there was very little in that.

56′ Pepe wins a freekick.

55′ Chance!! Nani plays Ronaldo through and he has Mário in support but he instead goes himself from a tight-angle and fires wide into the side-netting. He should have passed in truth.

54′ Jędrzejczyk is just caught offside.

52′ Fabiański claims a Sanches cross.

50′ Nani sends in a teasing delivery into the path of Ronaldo but Fabiański claims the ball at the second-attempt.

49′ Eliseu wins a freekick.

48′ Chance!! Piszczek sends in a good cross into the path of Lewandowski whose diving-header under-pressure is saved easily by Patrício.

45′ Portugal get the second-half underway.

HT: So will Poland get the next goal or will Portugal go ahead instead? Join us again for the second-half.

HT: Portugal needed to do something special to breakthrough the Polish defence and a nice exchange between Sanches and Nani eventually led to Sanches firing home via a deflection of Krychowiak. Portugal also had a penalty appeal turned down, which was a stonewall decision, nevertheless Portugal are level.

HT: Since going behind, Portugal played well and pressed high up the pitch and produced some nice football on the flanks with Soares and Nani delivering some good deliveries but Poland have defended well and restricted Portugal to shots from-range.

HT: Poland’s opener was much due to a defensive mistake from Soares who misread the bounce of the ball and Grosicki capitalised to find Lewandowski who, with such quality, fired home.

HT: Poland got off to the perfect start with Lewandowski’s early goal but they since going ahead, they backed-off and sat-back allowing Portugal to go on the attack and find a leveller.

HT: So we’re level at the break with a goal apiece.

45’+1′ The referee blows his whistle to bring the first 45 minutes to an end.

45′ There will be one additional minute.

43′ Chance!! Nani receives the ball before firing an effort that lacks conviction and Fabiański makes an easy save.

42′ Sanches is penalised for a foul.

41′ Carvalho wins a freekick after a foul from Jędrzejczyk who receives a yellow card. He’ll subsequently miss the next match should they progress.

39′ The corner is met by Nani but he can’t make proper contact and the ball goes out for a throw-in.

39′ A cross-come-shot from Eliseu is deflected behind for a corner.

38′ The freekick is cleared before Pepe wins a freekick after a foul from Lewandowski.

37′ Błaszczykowski wins a freekick in a good position after a foul from Mário.

36′ Ronaldo is caught high after a foul from Krychowiak.

33′ Goal!! Sanches plays a nice give-and-go with Nani who backheels the ball to the youngster who fires home via a slight deflection. It’s the youngster’s first ever goal for Portugal.

30′ Soares wins a freekick.

29′ Penalty appeal!! Ronaldo is bundled over by Pazdan despite the cross evading both of them, the referee is unmoved.

27′ Chance!! Nani finds Ronaldo who manages to get the better of Pazdan before firing an effort that Fabiański saves comfortably.

27′ Nani is penalised for a foul.

25′ Grosicki is caught offside.

24′ Sanches is penalised for a foul.

23′ Milik is caught offside.

21′ Portugal don’t clear the danger and Grosicki almost finds a teammate with the pull-back but the Portuguese defence clear the danger.

21′ Milik tries an effort that deflects off Pepe for a corner.

17′ Grosicki miscues a cross and the ball goes harmlessly out for a goalkick.

16′ Chance!! Ronaldo’s freekick hits the wall before Poland break and Milik finds Lewandowski who fires an effort that Patrício saves comfortably.

15′ Ronaldo wins a freekick in a good position.

14′ Chance!! Milik surges forward before firing harmlessly wide.

13′ The corner eventually comes to nothing as Mário is caught offside.

13′ Glik concedes a corner.

12′ The corner is cleared.

11′ Pazdan concedes a corner.

9′ Chance!! Cédric pulls the ball back to Ronaldo but his effort is charged down before the ball falls to Nani but he too sees his effort blocked before Fabiański claims the ball.

5′ Sanches is penalised for a foul on Krychowiak.

4′ Sanches wins a freekick.

4′ Eliseu wins a freekick.

2′ Goal!! Soares misjudges a header and Grosicki surges forward before pulling the ball back to Lewandowski who fires home past Patrício. It’s the Polish forward’s first goal in the tournament.

0′ Poland get the game underway.

Team news:

Poland: Łukasz Fabiański (GK), Artur Jędrzejczyk, Michał Pazdan, Kamil Glik, Łukasz Piszczek, Krzysztof Mączyński, Grzegorz Krychowiak, Kamil Grosicki, Jakub Błaszczykowski, Arkadiusz Milik, Robert Lewandowski

Portugal: Rui Patrício (GK), Eliseu, José Fonte, Pepe, Cédric Soares, William Carvalho, Adrien Silva, Renato Sanches, João Mário, Cristiano Ronaldo, Nani


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